Little Bear and the Silver Star by Jane Hissey

Little Bear and the Silver Star published by Scribblers is the latest picture book from the creator of the Old Bear Stories, Jane Hissey, and her first Christmas story. It's Christmas Eve and the toys in the playroom are busy decorating the Christmas tree when Little Bear realises the star for the top of the... Continue Reading →

Wild by Sam Usher

Wild by Sam Usher, published by Templar Books is the latest heart warming adventure story of a young boy and his grandad. Today is an exciting day for the boy in this book, he is looking after a cat for a friend. He has done lots of research about what cats like and is very... Continue Reading →

Oof Makes an Ouch! by Duncan Beedie

Oof Makes an Ouch! is a beautiful picture book about friendship by Duncan Beedie, published by Templar Books. Set in the Stone Age this story follows best friends Oof and Pib. They do everything together; playing, exploring and their favourite past time - inventing. They do all of this whilst only saying their own name... Continue Reading →

Oi Puppies! By Kes Gray and Jim Field

Oi Puppies! is the latest in the brilliantly funny rhyming series of Oi books by Kes Gray, illustrated by Jim Field and published by Hodder Children's Books. For those unfamiliar with this series it all started when a Frog was told, in Oi Frog!, to sit on a log, because it rhymes and those are... Continue Reading →

There Are Bugs Everywhere by Britta Teckentrup

There Are Bugs Everywhere published by Big Picture Press is the second in this series of innovative non fiction titles from Britta Teckentrup. Whatever you might call them; bugs, insects or minibeasts, they are a constant source of wonder for little people and this book builds on that first fascination whilst also encouraging a deeper... Continue Reading →

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