Graphic Novels and Comic Books for Kids from Flying Eye Books and Nobrow

I recently spoke to some children at the school I work in about what books they would like to see in their library. Among their requests were graphic novels and comic books, which I’m sad to say our library had hardly any of. Things needed to change and thanks to this donation from the wonderful people at Flying Eye Books and Nobrow we have started our soon to be growing collection of graphic novels.

Graphic novels and comic books from Flying Eye Books and Nobrow

Brownstone’s Mythical Collection: Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx by Joe Todd Stanton, published by Flying Eye Books

Brownstone's Mythical Collection Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx Joe Todd Stanton Flying Eye Books

Following Arthur and the Golden Rope this book enters the Brownstone family’s history for a second installation. Marcy is the daughter of the great explorer Arthur, however she doesn’t share her father’s love for adventure. But when he goes missing on an expedition in Egypt she realises that she must follow in his footsteps to try and find him.

Marcy must face the ancient Egyptian gods and solve many riddles to try and rescue her father. Will she be able to overcome her fears of the unknown world of exploring and find her own place in the Brownstone family?

Beautifully detailed and sophisticated illustrations weave a magical and mystical tale that is sure to inspire and ignite imaginations. Perfectly pitched for slightly older readers who are looking for a great dose of adventure.

Buy Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx from Wordery.

Akissi: Tales of Mischief by Abouet & Sapin, published by Flying Eye Books 

Akissi Tales of Mischief by Abouet and Sapin Flying Eye Books

If a cheeky protagonist is what you’re after then look no further than Akissi, a high-spirited little girl who gets up to all manner of mischief in her village in West Africa.

With over 20 tales in this bumper collection it seems that trouble follows Akissi around, or perhaps it is the other way round. Either way she certainly goes about things in a wild and wacky way; upset because she didn’t have a little sister… she chooses a monkey as a pet instead, a mouse came into her room at night… she keeps it as an alternative to a teddy, fed up with having her hair braided… she catches head lice on purpose in the hope her mum will cut her hair short.

Each tale is short, punchy and illustrated in a lively comic book style. With her mixture of bending the rules, cheekiness and toilet humour Akissi’s tales are sure to please as well as offering an interesting insight into how children live in Africa with a section at the end including recipes and hair braiding techniques.

Buy Akissi from Wordery.

Gamayun Tales: The King of Birds by Alexander Utkin, published by Nobrow

Gamayun Tales The King of Birds by Alexander Utkin Nobrow

For a really sophisticated option, The King of Birds is a comic based on Russian folk stories.

Narrated by Gamayun, a magical bird with a human face who knows everything and can predict the future, this tale begins with a huge war between the kingdom of animals and the kingdom of birds. The birds are eventually victorious but the king is injured. He is almost killed by a human but strikes a deal with him; in return for nursing him back to health the king of birds will reward him with riches.

Crossing over into a mythical world the merchant sees things he never thought possible and his strength is tested, will he be able to reap the rewards he deserves?

Dark illustrations rich in detail and colour make for a truly absorbing book. The magic and fantastical events in this tale will have children and adults hooked.

Buy The King of Birds from Wordery.

Many thanks to Flying Eye Books and Nobrow for their kind donation towards our school library. To see more of their fabulous books you can visit their website here.

This post contains affiliate links that won’t change the way you shop but might make us a little bit of money… that we will probably spend on more books.

7 thoughts on “Graphic Novels and Comic Books for Kids from Flying Eye Books and Nobrow

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  1. I spent four years reading children’s books for work and I let out a huge sigh every time I got a graphic novel to read! I really don’t like them at all and nor do any of my kids, but I know that they’re great for engaging reluctant readers, so it’s good that you’ve been able to start adding to the school library’s collection. I’m just glad I never have to read another one myself!


  2. These would certainly appeal to my boys, especially son1, who is becoming slower and slower at reading, preferring to be on his phone #readwithme


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