The Tiger Who Came to Tea

The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr, published by Harper Collins Children’s Books.


This has got to be one of my favourite books from when I was a child. The timeless charm of this story has certainly won my boys over and it is now a firm favourite of theirs too. This is the story of Sophie and her Mummy who have their afternoon tea interrupted by a very hungry but rather well spoken tiger. They are the politest of hosts, quietly watching whilst their uninvited guest eats his way through all the food in the house. After he has finished he thanks them and goes, leaving Sophie and her Mummy to pick up the pieces and figure out what they will do now there is no food or water in the house.

Judith Kerr’s illustrations are wonderful, beautifully detailed and characters that are full of expression. They are instantly recognisable and provide so much for children to talk about. There is a particular page that we like, one which is almost all illustration. Sophie and her parents go outside, after dark, to get some dinner at a cafe and the picture is a night time street scene. We love looking at the shops shut up in the dark and the lights from the cars and street lights.

Young children love and need stories to be read to them again and again, this is one story that I have never, and will never get tired of reading. A true classic.
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  1. I just love The Tiger Who Came to Tea as well, such a well-deserved classic. I agree that it’s such a special thing rediscovering old favourites with your children. Our ‘milk and story’ time is one of the most special parts of the day – and my children are now 10 and 12. Reading aloud is wonderful and has inspired my two to become obsessive bookworms. I write a lot about the joys of children’s books on my blog too so it’s lovely to discover yours through #MyFirstPost


    1. Likewise, I’m glad I’ve just discovered yours! I’ll have a read of some of the books yours enjoy and keep them in mind for when mine are older. Lovely to hear that they are still bookworms at 10 and 12. I hope our habits of reading every day stays with mine as they grow.

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  2. I have to admit this is one book I have never read and I don’t really know why. I shall have to have a sneaky read the next time I am in a UK bookshop. Thank you so much for adding some tiger interest to #MyFirstBlogPost


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