Boris Babysits! by Sam Lloyd

From the minute we got this book in the post, my boys couldn’t wait to get their hands on it. Like many other books by Sam LloydBoris Babysits! (published by Templar Publishing) has an eye-catching furry friend staring right out at you from the front cover just waiting to be played with. In this book it’s the purple bundle of joy, Monster Baby!


Monster Baby is attached to the book by an orange ribbon and has velcro on her back that match up with velcro circles on each page. In this story, Boris, the well known excitable, but very lovable bright orange monster, has been trusted to babysit the Monster Baby. However, his ideas for childcare are probably not what Monster Mummy had in mind. Eating sweets and watching telly all day are definitely not what Monster Baby needs so the reader is asked to help Boris out by physically taking Monster Baby through each page, playing with her, feeding her and bathing her.

My three-year-old loves this story and gets completely engrossed in all the actions and activities. This page is obviously a favourite as there is an actual drawing of poo on the floor of the bathroom…


I love how shocked the sun is at it peers in through the window!

The bold and colourful illustrations are fabulously chaotic, just like Boris of course. There is so much mess and madness happening on every page, we find another disaster each time we read it.

We were even more excited to get this book as we have our very own Boris! As you’d expect he’s very excited and never sits still…


We have a baby too (not a monster baby I might add), so we thought we’d see if Boris would be any good at babysitting for us.

Lunchtime was a bit of a disaster…


We’re still picking the noodles out of his fur.

And the less said about the nappy changes the better…


To summarise, we aren’t going to give Boris a permanent job of babysitting but we’ll definitely keep him as he is a LOT of fun!

Boris Babysits! is a wonderfully playful story and will instantly appeal to little ones with its great mix of sillyness and imaginative play, it is an interactive book at its best.

Many thanks to Templar Publishing for sending a free copy of Boris Babysits! for review.

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